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Practical NLS basic knowledge:
ABC of NLS Systems

Operating NLS Systems and interpret results.

A learning book in English that describes probably every function
of device and software in details.

With many critical comments and helpful practical tips.

With a special chapter for those who are interested in purchasing a device!

ABC of NLS Systems

A learning book for users of NLS Systems like Metatron®, OBERON®, Metavital®, Eta- / Delta- / Meta- /... scan, Biolaz, Bioplasm, Introspect, NILISA, Physiospect, 7D/9D-LIris, WellAnalyse® and similar

To read the German website in English, you can use google-translate.

The book is formatted in A4, hard covered and with thread stitching. There are more than a hundred pages with text content and around 260 illustrations. This corresponds roughly to a book with 500 pages in DIN A5 format.

ISBN 978-3-00-063064-4

The book costs 125 euros (including VAT) plus shipping costs.

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For those who want to go deeper into the subject, my learning book (only in German) "Kurvengrafik in NLS-Systemen" as "Expert Knowledge" is a very useful addition.

The book costs 40 euros (including VAT) plus shipping costs.

Attention: Only available in German.

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